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Children just want the abuse to STOP!

Each year, too many children testify in court about being a victim of crime with their offender present in the room. The Children’s Justice Center of Salt Lake County provides a safe haven for child victims to tell their stories of abuse, neglect, and violence allowing police and social service organizations to rally around the child to make the legal process positive and less traumatic. Expert medical care and counseling are ready to serve the child’s physical and emotional healing.

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OVER 3,500 victims and family members helped each year

The Salt Lake County Children’s Justice Center is an award winning program, contributing major advancements in the field of child abuse investigations through research and specialized training. The program serves 1,600 children yearly, ages 17 and under who have been victims of sexual abuse, physical abuse, child homicide, domestic violence related child abuse, drug endangerment, internet crimes, abductions, and shaken baby syndrome. Parents consistently rate the program as outstanding and state their children are adjusting much better after receiving our services.

When a child is a victim of a crime it can be a traumatic and devastating experience for both the child and their family members. Victims are often confused and blame themselves. Parents are anxious and worried about how their child will recover from the experience. The Children’s Justice Center is a home-like, child-friendly facility where children and family members receive crisis intervention, support, referrals and advocacy as their case proceeds through the legal system.


We help children find the courage to speak out and shatter the silence of child abuse so that healing can begin.

The centers are located in neighborhood settings and designed to help children feel safe and comfortable during the forensic interview process. The Children’s Justice Center works closely with other involved agencies to promote the “best interests of the child” ensuring protection, safety and justice.

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